Monday, March 18, 2013

Just after finishing "A Sketch of the Past," I went onto iMDB, as I do most days, to check out the new trailers that are posted daily. I stumbled upon a documentary called Stories We Tell about a woman trying to reconstruct her mother's life and her own. I was almost immediately reminded of To The Lighthouse, and the difficult task Woolf describes in her memoir of turning her mother into art. The line that particularly struck me was when the filmmaker, Sarah Polley, wonders of her mother, "Is this the tsunami she unleashed when she went, and all of us still flailing in her wake?" It brought to mind our discussion of the passage from To The Lighthouse about the mutilated fish; what Mrs. Ramsey-- or Mrs. Stephen-- had meant to those who knew her and the legacy that continues even a decade after her passing. I would definitely be interested to see this film when it comes out and draw a larger comparison between Woolf's artistic representation of her mother and Polley's. Check out the trailer and the iMDB page of Stories We Tell below.

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