Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Ideal Room of One’s Own

When I read A Room of One’s Own, I thought about how much I took for granted.  As an only child, I always had my own room.  Each morning I would wake up and go to class.  When I returned to my room, I would play some music in the background and study while munching on a snack.  I always liked having my own time in this room with no outside distractions.  There would be an inevitable distraction every once in a while, whether it is a knock on the door from my mother, or a reminder of an upcoming deadline.
However, despite these distractions, I would always have a few hours of complete silence.  With my mother asleep and having no siblings, I value the few hours I decide to stay up a little late to have my own free time in complete silence.  Woolf placed an emphasis on the importance of having one’s own room in being able to write fiction.  I was always a struggling writer, but these silent hours always helped me think freely and put these thoughts on paper.  Usually, it would just be a typical diary entry- but other times I would free write on things that lingered on my mind.  A few years ago, I wasn’t sure if these random late night entries would serve any purposes but now I come to appreciate these random pieces of writing.  Over time, these entries became an inspiration to write my own fiction, whether for personal enjoyment or for English classes.  I don’t consider myself a talented writer, but when it comes to brainstorming for potential stories, I always have a lot to look through because I always had my own room.

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