Thursday, April 18, 2013

Women with opinions, then and now

This article made me think of the conversation my groups had on the day we walked around to the five stations in class.  At the station about art and the obstacles and societal prejudices about women in writing and in visual art--and the issues that face all young people regardless of gender, such as family's attitudes and financial stability--my group talked about how Woolf grew up surrounded by a fantastic artistic community; she had opinions, and from an early age she was surrounded by people who knew had to express their own ideas.  That intellectual heritage undoubtedly had a huge effect on her work.  I don't know anyone, though, who grew up with that sort of encouragement.  We blog, or tweet, or, if we feel so inclined to try to write a novel or a volume of poetry, or some similar larger work, we have to work to seek out encouragement and mentors.  Jenna "Marbles" is part of this conversation we all take part in, taken to its extreme (she's able to more than live off the income of doing something she enjoys).

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