Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Taking In Water"

One of my new favorite artist out right now is Jessie Ware. As I was listening to her album I couldn't help but notice that one of her tracks, entitled "Taking In Water," reminded me of The Waves. While listening to the song, I felt as if I was listening to an audio version of the italicized passages of the novel. The song, like these sections of the novel, lend from vivid descriptions of the ocean to portray a deeper meaning. Just the first few lines of the song, such as a reference to gold, which is heavily used in The Waves, and "the colors that surround you" exude the writing style of the novel. It was more so the visuals the song offers that drew the connection to The Waves for me.  I feel the song's deeper meaning can offer a variety of different interpretations perhaps as a listener you find something else about the song that reminds you of The Waves.

Jessie Ware- Taking In Water

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  1. I just saw Jessie Ware live in NYC! You are totally right about the connection between The Waves and "Taking in Water" in terms of their vivid descriptions of the ocean. Very tempted to listen to the song while reading The Waves now for the full effect.