Thursday, April 18, 2013

On Virginia Woolf's Voice

Of all the books I have now read by Woolf, I wondered what her actual voice sounded like (I believe we listened to her voice in class once, but I do not remember when).  Anyway, I decided to listen to her voice on Youtube and in this particular video, she describes the process of integrating words into the dictionary. What she says at times is quite boring, but her vocal inflections and sense of enthusiasm adds life into what she describes. She also has a way of using these profound metaphors to describe an idea that may seem unexciting and spark interest in the listener. Her voice is quite amusing: she sounds like she could be the Queen of England! The wisdom on her voice is apparent with every sentence she utters. She really is a true talent and her voice reflects that! Enjoy the video and pictures that go along with it!


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