Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SUCH A GOOD SONG and relevant to Woolf

Silk Flowers- A Brush Through The Dust

Oh my god I love this song for too many reasons. Personal reasons aside, the connection between this song and Woolf's work is quite evident. For example the refrain

some day we'll go back to where we came
beneath the grass and a stone that bears our name
some day we'll go back to where we came
but the world will keep spinning just the same

beautifully echoes many moments in a couple of Woolf's books but the one that comes immediately to mind is in Mrs. Dalloway as Clarissa is walking through London, remembering the time she threw a shilling into the Serpentine. Clarissa wonders, jumping from the past into the present and then outwards towards the future, about her death and whether or not it matters that "she must inevitably cease completely" (Woolf 9).  "All this," London, the world, "must go on without her." Despite her absence, the world will keep spinning.

I played this song for my dad thinking he would like it. But he called me morbid and asked me why I liked to think of death so much. It's not that I really like to think about death but the notion comes to pass through my head, just like in Clarissa's, and there are moments when the idea is comforting. 

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