Monday, April 15, 2013

The Waves: Louis and "Lightning Bolt"

I was listening to the iTunes free single of the week (and one of my new favorite songs) the other day and it struck me that a part of the lyrics are very similar to one of the sections we discussed from part 1 in The Waves. The song, by musician Jake Bugg, is called “Lightning Bolt” and in the last verse the lyrics are, “It was silent, I was lying back gazing skyward, when the moment got shattered, I remember what she said, and then she fled in the path of a lightning bolt”.  It reminded me of Louis’ description of when Jinny kissed him (page 7). This comparison was probably triggered by the use of the word “shattered” to describe some kind of peace being disturbed. I thought the lyrics had a sort of flighty, spontaneous nature to them, which is fitting for a song called “lightning bolt”, and that they evoked the same kind of scene that Louis described. Had I not been reading this book at the same time I first discovered this song I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but I thought it was an interesting similarity between two works of art that have virtually nothing else to do with each other.

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