Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Woolf Tumblr-ing

I noticed that Karen made a post detailing her explorations of Virginia Woolf on tumblr. I too have ventured into Woolf territory on tumblr at least a few times, and have to agree that it's an overwhelming experience seeing so many different, enthusiastic perspectives on Woolf all at once.

In the process I stumbled upon this fuckyeahvirginiawoolf tumblr dedicated to Woolf, and I'm not totally sure how I feel about it. What aggravates me most is the site's disorderly, cluttered format. It also bothers me, though, that there's even a "fuck yeah" tumblr dedicated to Woolf to begin with. Those familiar with tumblr know that throngs of people have created "fuck yeah" tumblrs on virtually every topic, even the most mundane (i.e. fuckyeah1990's or fuckyeahhiking). These other single-topic blogs are fun to browse, but most are silly,* and I feel like Woolf deserves a little more credit and dedication than do the nostalgic popculture references of the 1990's that one finds on the fuckyeah1990's tumblr. Nonetheless, I do respect whoever compiled it for bringing together some excellent quotes, manuscripts, and photos of Woolf and those who inspired her altogether on one site. If anything, the site might introduce internet browsers not familiar with Woolf to her work, albeit in a rather strange way. The library is probably a better place to start.

*note: one exception is fuckyeahexistentialism. That one is actually great.

(also, I hope my language in this post did not offend...I really didn't see a way around it!)

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